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If there is a problem with our service we often hear, “I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want something to happen to my child”. While this is a very understandable concern it is a misconception about the professional approach we take towards management and customer service.

We are dedicated to serving you and your child, therefore our first priority is their care, education, love and development and communication is the most important ingredient in our partnership.

This form was designed to increase communication and improve the quality of what we do by giving you a confidential and anonymous way to share information with the management team about how we are doing or about a specific concern. Everything shared via this form will be handled in the most professional and discrete manner.

Please know we cannot make changes or improvements without knowing about a problem or concern, so please take advantage of this and let us know how we can help.

Please use professional judgment and courtesy when using this form.  We take the service you receive very seriously and will make every effort to quickly and effectively address the concerns you share here