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HappyFeet classes are 30 minutes in length (National Association for Sports & Physical Education recommendation).

Every child constantly has a ball. The HappyFeet ball is called “Bob the Bobcat”! Kids love taming their “Bobcat”!

HappyFeet themes make your child a star in his/her own imaginary movie. For example, in one of our themes, your child will become “Hiawatha – The Dribbling Brave”, or “Pocahontas – The Dribbling Squaw”. He/she will love pretending to be one of our soccer playing movie characters! Our fun approach ensures your child an absolute blast while developing elite physical skills and self-concept. The HappyFeet curriculum is designed to gradually develop more advanced physical skills and self-belief. HappyFeet is age and skill level appropriate.

HappyFeet uses nursery rhymes, songs, stories and fun games with a soccer ball to maximize motor skill development. Two and 3 year olds love acting out nursery rhymes and songs. Four and 5 year olds have a blast with stories and fun games.

While pretending to be a “Star” in his/her own imaginary movie your child will learn to skillfully perform some of the most difficult moves in soccer. You will be amazed when you see your 3 year old performing advanced dribbling skills after just a few weeks in the program! He/she will also work extensively on striking the ball to score goals.

To make sure very child has a positive experience HappyFeet classes are non-competitive.

For more information about HappyFeet or to register online please visit their website at www.happyfeetatlanta.com