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The Chastain School offers a unique approach to caring for and teaching infants and toddlers called “Continuity of Care”. It is designed to promote stability, familiarity and trust as an extension of your own families loving care.

Continuity of Care is for children ages eight weeks to two and a half years old.  Eight children are enrolled in each individual room with two teachers and the class stays together with the same teachers until they graduate to the preschool.  Teachers gain an in-depth understanding of each child’s developmental milestones and individual needs.  In turn, children feel a deep sense of emotional security and confidence, which provides a strong foundation for learning and personal growth.

Continuity of Care is distinctive to The Chastain School and is a divergence from the typical lock-step programs found in traditional daycare programs where children have a series of caregivers during their first few years of life.   It allows our faculty to structure activities according to the group’s developmental stages and to create lasting relationships essential for nurturing self-esteem.

Enrollment for Infant classes is opened twice a year typically in August and January (we also offer open enrollment as long as we have space available) for eight children per class with an age range of only six months.  Keeping children within six months of each other allows them to develop at similar rates and learn from each other.

The child to teacher ratio in our infant rooms is 4:1, which is lower than the state mandated 6:1 ratio, allowing more personalized attention, care and love for each child as well as a individualized learning experience.  The Chastain School also limits the number of children per classroom therefore significantly increasing the intimacy of care and also reducing the potential for illness. At approximately two years of age, when the group is socially ready, two children may be added to the class bringing the ratio to 5:1.