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With beginner and advanced classes, children will learn basic movements and coordination in a fun atmosphere. Focusing on basic positions, increasing flexibility and posture. Look forward to a fun recital at the end of the session!


Children ages 2-12 years old will learn basic movements and coordination in a fun atmosphere. Focusing on basic tumbling, floor movements, increasing strength, flexibility and balance.

Toddlers (14 months- 22 months) are engaged in interactive songs, choreographed dances, age-specific puppet shows, special rides and a variety of original activities. This stimulating program introduces balancing, tumbling, and agility skills in a fun method, helping the children develop a love of physical activity and a sense of pride in their achievements.


My Gym Karate incorporates all the protocol and discipline of a more traditional martial arts studio, but in a unique and fun manner for our students. The physical benefits are profound, as children practice kicking, punching, blocking, yelling, stretching, running and jumping during each interactive class.

In addition, our students grow emotionally and learn about respect, discipline, self-control, concentration and goal setting, as we instill these values employing the distinctive and fun My Gym method. The program is progressive, using belt promotions as the strong motivator. As children get older, their training becomes more serious and intense, but always fun!

Who Can Sign Up?

Ballet is for children 3-12 years old, Gymnastics is for children 14 months-12 years old & Karate if for children 3-12 years old.

January 9th – May 22nd, 2017