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Kidz 'n' Kicks

Kidz ‘n’ Kicks Soccer is a fun, high-energy and innovative soccer program designed for kids of ages 2 through 8. 

Kidz ‘n’ Kicks’ MISSION is to create a fun, healthy and engaging environment for children that nurtures physicality, shapes emotional intelligence and inspires motivation for lifelong gain.

Kidz ‘n’ Kicks Soccer’s PHILOSOPHY is to teach life skills by using proper soccer instruction. We have fun, and instill creativity for critical thinking and that helps us achieve knowledge of the game, collaboration and enjoyment.

Age-appropriate games as well as pictorial coaching boards help kids stay engaged. Soccer is the tool we use to teach an active lifestyle, teamwork, critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

Classes are 30 minutes on Mondays – No equipment is required.

2:45pm – 2 yrs – 5yrs old

3:15pm – Afterschoolers

For more information about Kidz ‘n’ Kicks or to register online please visit their website at www.kidznkicks.com